Become a member on this website

Before you can join our events you must be an approved member of this web site. It's free to sign-up, you just need a valid email address. And you have to access that email address regularly to get messages from our event coordinator. 


How much does it cost?

To become a member is free. That will never change. To participate in an event will have minimum cost. You have to be able to get to the meeting place and back home again after the event is over. Most of the time we meet in a place that is easy to locate and get to. Then from there we go to the event location. 

The cost of having the event will vary depending on where we go, the costs of transportation or rooms or whatever. Each event will have a different cost. The goal is to make sure the cost of participating is as low as possible. But we highly suggest that you put in your mind at least 300 pesos. 

But I can't afford to go, I'm not working?

We have a kind benefactor that has agreed to help cover some of the costs of the events. That is why we will keep the cost to you as low as possible. BUT if you can't even find that money you can apply for a subsidy.  We will pass on your need and the benefactor will approve on a case-by-case basis. But you still have to be able to get to and from the meeting place on your own. That is the minimum you have to pay.

What will the benefactor ask to qualify you? The benefactor looks at who you are, your circumstances and situation. He will use his own criteria to decide if you will receive a subsidy, partial subsidy or no subsidy. His decision is final. It is important that you give true and honest information so that the benefactor will be giving to someone who really needs the help. Your request will be kept confidential and nobody in the group will ever know you received a subsidy.