Sponsor needed!

We had one great event in June in Manila. 15 guys were there --- naked. Everybody had a great time and many want to come again. Alas, the sponsor for the second Manila event in September in is not available. So we need a sponsor.

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Our group's leader is presently living outside of Manila and doesn't have the resources to organize, nor finance, future events without your help. If you wish to become a sponsor, or to host an event, please contact the group's leader. You can click HERE to send him an email.

Grand Eyeball - Manila - June 28 - SUCCESS

15 people showed up yesterday morning (June 28) to enjoy a day of being naked. A nice mix of guys. Young and old, students and workers. All had a great time. 

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New Members Reminder

To All New Members

To become an Approved Member you need to upload your face picture to your profile (log-in to your profile at the left). And also scan and email your ID to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >. We can't invite you to an event if you are not an APPROVED MEMBER. We need your face picture and ID because we don't want anyone under 19. 

We all wanna see you at our event in your area.