I hear you want to have some events.

We want to have more events, and we want to get our members involved. Let's get things going. If you want an event let's organize one. If you want to meet your fellow members you need an event. So let's get going:


    1. The simplest location for doing events is someone's home or condo. Either your own place or someplace you can rent or borrow. Some hotels will let you rent their large guest rooms and have a party, but many times they are not too excited about it. But if you have a home, apartment or condo you can host an event. 
    2. Next simplest is a secluded location outdoors (beach, forest, waterfalls, mountains, etc.). Look for a place where you are away from the general public, where there isn't a lot of traffic, and you can freely hangout together -- and hopefully can get to with PUJ/PUB and a short walk. 
    1. Our administrator can help you contact our members, and publicize it to other locations to get participants.
    2. He can also help you coordinate communication so that we are sure only approved members are invited (nobody under 19 allowed to attend).
    1. You need to plan the expenses, what you need to get (food and drinks), transportation
    2. You have plan a meeting place, one where participants can get to easily and won't feel threatened. 
    3. Security and safety

Hope you can plan an event, small or large. We can't wait to hear from you with your ideas. Please CLICK HERE to send us an email or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To All New Members

To become an Approved Member you need to  scan and email your ID to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>. We can't invite you to an event if you are not an APPROVED MEMBER. We need your face picture and ID because we don't want anyone under 19. 

We all wanna see you at our event in your area.